When it comes to paid leave, we’re way behind.

Do you want a paid leave policy in our next contract?
Southwest Airlines is significantly behind other companies when it comes to leave policies. Your Negotiating Team knows how important work/life balance is and will not stop fighting until we get the important, quality of life policies that we deserve.
Comparison of Southwest Airlines to Other Companies

America’s leading companies are showing their commitment to their employees by offering paid parental leave policies.

In addition to the cumulative number of paid weeks off provided to employees, some of the above companies also have innovative policies to support families who decide to start growing their families, including:

  • Reimbursement for monthly childcare expenses
  • Return-to-work transition programs
  • Paying for employees on business travel to have breastmilk shipped home
  • Providing 15 days annually of back-up childcare
Noncontract vs. Flight Attendants

Southwest Airlines’ policies guarantee paid family leave for non-contract employees but not for Flight Attendants. As of January 2019, all non-contract SWA employees receive 6 weeks of paid parental leave and 6 weeks of paid short term disability. This covers a total of 12 weeks of paid leave that do not utilize non-contract employees’ sick banks. In our contract, we have a post-maternity leave for mothers that gave birth that is 90 days, unpaid. The parental leave language in our contract does not apply to birth mothers but provides 12 weeks for a parent or custodial caregiver. That is unpaid as well, unless you use your sick bank or vacation. Your Negotiating Team is fighting hard to make sure we are entitled to the same rights and benefits as all other Southwest employees.

Pregnant Flight Attendants and Safety Issues
Southwest is ignoring safety standards for pregnant flight attendants. Certain working conditions have been shown to increase risk of complication during pregnancy, especially for those at high risk for preterm labor, including:

  • Exposure to toxic fumes and higher levels of radiation
  • Prolonged standing
  • Heavy lifting, climbing or carrying
  • Excessive noise
  • Heavy vibrations
  • Extreme temperatures

Your Negotiating Team is making sure our concerns are heard.

Bereavement Policies

Our Flight Attendants come from a diverse set of family backgrounds, and therefore, a one-size-fits-all bereavement policy does not work. Bereavement needs to be flexible and represent cultural values and Southwest needs to be more accompanying of the diverse set of needs of our Flight Attendants during difficult times. Companies such as Facebook and Airbnb provide up to 4 weeks of paid bereavement leave for an immediate family member and 2 weeks for an extended family member. Your Negotiating Team is fighting for improved bereavement standards in our contract.