Denver Picket Registration

This event is your call to action. Join us as we stand shoulder-to-shoulder, picketing on the ground and displaying our Unity from a special vantage point that will be certain to make our message known. Southwest thinks this is a time for a party. Our Union doesn’t believe there is anything to celebrate when the largest Union on property doesn’t have a contract that we would be proud to work under. Now is the time to stand shoulder-to-shoulder in solidarity.

Picket event check-in times and details are posted below.

September 20, 2023 – Denver, CO  

  • Check-in: 1500 Local Time
  • Picket: 1600 – 1900  Local Time (Wear your Uniform)
  • Post Picket Event: 1900-2100 Local Time (Tshirts provided post picket) 

Check-in Location: 

Jackson’s LODO – 1520 20th St., Denver, CO 80202

If you are on medical leave, you may attend but use good judgment and do not attend if it would appear to contradict what you are on medical leave for. (e.g., You are on medical leave for a broken foot and show up not in a cast or boot.) 

By participating in the picketing events, you acknowledge the following:

  • You are not on a sick or fatigue call
  • You cannot call in sick or fatigued to participate in the picket 
  • You will not negatively impact the Company’s operation by attending the events
  • You are representing TWU and will conduct yourself with professionalism
  • You will follow all relevant social media policies
  • You will allow photos and videos of you and your guests to be used by TWU
  • If you are on probation, you cannot participate in the picket, but you may volunteer

Watch for more communication as we get closer to the event. If you have any questions, please reach out to

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