Denver E-Connection

It’s that time of year again, folks! Summer travel is quickly approaching as we enter into the hot summer months. With this comes many challenges in the operation due to the unpredictable weather and technology issues Southwest seems to run into.

Contract 2024: Status Implementation 3

30 Second Review:
-Reminder – New Timeline for Secondary Bidding (VR lines & On-Call Lines)
-LODO Bidding Timelines Updated
-EDD, LRO, LDLP & ExGTP Update
-New Advance Rates & 101
-Pay Request on Medical Leave
-New Electronic Reporting of Sick Calls
-Free Wi-Fi Update
-Phase 1 & Shifted Reserve System – Looking Forward!

Remembering Colleen Barrett Unity Magazine – Special Edition

Since the passing of our beloved Colleen, we have seen countless memories, pictures, and stories circulate on social media. The impact she had on so many lives and our Company is endless. In her honor, TWU Local 556 will be publishing a special edition of Unity Magazine. 

Update with Bill Bernal

Today, the TWU Local 556 Executive Board, in accordance with the Bylaw Article VI, Section 4(b), appointed Chris Sullivan to serve as the Nashville Domicile Executive Board Member. Chris will serve in this role until nominations are accepted at the next Membership Meeting in the Nashville Domicile and an election is held.

We look forward to working with Chris as the Nashville Domicile Executive Board Member!