Negotiating Team Mediation Update

Negotiating Team Mediation Update The TWU Local 556 Negotiating Committee met with the Company on February 21 and 22 at the offices of the National Mediation Board (NMB) in Washington, D.C. under the auspices of our assigned federal mediator.A condition of the...

Pulse Point Survey

Pulse Point Survey Request New Survey As your Negotiating Team prepares to meet with the Company and our assigned Mediators, we will be conducting a short survey. These answers will provide updated information to help keep your Union apprised of the pulse of...

Meeting with the National Mediation Board

The resounding result of Members’ SAV earned us the opportunity to meet with our assigned mediators from the National Mediation Board. Please note that this meeting was not a bargaining session with Southwest Airlines: This was a private meeting with the Mediators to allow us to outline the many reasons why Members need Southwest Airlines to get back to the table now.

Deceived, Devalued, Disrespected

Members of TWU Local 556 have had enough, and have shown it through action: Your resounding YES votes authorizing your board to strike and your strong NO vote on TA 2023 have demonstrated you need more from Southwest Airlines.

Your action is the fuel moving process forward. Your TWU Local 556 Negotiating Committee comes to you today with important updates on our plan to take your anger with us as we fight to get back to the table with the ultimate mission of getting you the Contract you have earned.

SAV Results – History Made!

SAV Results – History Made! You made this happen – 17143 of you made your voice heard! The results, 98% YES, send a strong message of solidarity to Southwest Airlines Management. We will do whatever it takes to get a Contract that recognizes our...