Attendance Enhancements and More

30 Second Review:
Article 32: Attendance Enhancements
Article 32: Banking Points
Article 35: Hotels & Transportation
Update: Workday Form – 130 TFP
Resolution: Vacation Pay on Leave of Absence

Your Pay Chart

30 Second Review:
How to Read Your Pay Chart
Contract 2024 Rates of Pay
Electronic Report Sick (ERS) Enhancements
Workday Forms 130 TFP
New Language – Floating Vacation Weeks

2nd Bonus Installment and More

30 Second Review:
Implementation Schedule Update
Ratification Bonus Installment #2 Update
PDF of CBA Status
Article 29 – Moves for BNA – Sunset LOA
Out-of-Base Trading
Meal $20 Per Diem 4 hours or more of Scheduled Flying

Contract Status and More

The process of agreeing to a full implementation schedule and new Contract Q&As has been extensive and time-consuming. Next week, we hope to share the agreed upon implementation calendar and timeline, which includes ALL contractual changes and is helpful in seeing the different phases.

Implementation Continues

30 Second Review:
Contract 2024 Implementation Status
Response to Material in File
Contract 2024 Added More Union Involvement
New Reschedule Protections in Article 9 for Commuters
New Emergency Family Leave
“Courtesy Call” Clarification
Probationary Sick Pay