Contract 2024 Implementation

Since Contract 2024 was ratified on April 24, 2024, your TWU Local 556 Contract Negotiating Committee has been hard at work on the next steps. Post-ratification items include the full implementation schedule, Contract Q&As, final version of the Contract, and education materials. The following information below is not an exhaustive list but will give you an overview of next steps, including deadlines and timelines you will need to be aware of.

What’s Next for TA2024?

TA2024 became the Pink Contract yesterday afternoon with the parties officially signing at Southwest Airlines Headquarters. Below are a few of the important milestones in the next week and into May 2024 as we begin to implement TA2024 into the Pink Contract.

Members Vote to Ratify TA2024

Today, the Membership of TWU Local 556 voted to ratify TA2024. Your relentless fight resulted in a Contract that represented many historic firsts for our Local and for our industry. By voting in the Contract you fought to achieve, you helped to better the role of Flight Attendant for all.

TA2024 Top Resources

As we enter into the final stretch of the TA2024 voting period – we wanted to encourage all of you to carefully consider the Tentative Agreement and most importantly, cast your vote. We asked our Educators and Activists to share with us what they found the most valuable in this rollout not only for themselves but feedback from Members. Here is their list of top resources:

TA2024 & Leaves of Absence

Some of the biggest “Hot Topics” of TA2024 (and where our Team has heard the most misinformation), is in the Leave of Absence changes and improvements. The Negotiating Team and TA2024 Mobilizers have answered numerous questions about the new (and sometimes current) language in Article 15: Leave of Absence, Article 16: Sick Leave/On the Job Injury and Article 32.4: Doctor’s Statement. While not typically referenced or discussed on a daily basis, these Articles contain protections for when life throws us a curveball. So, let’s discuss some of the changes and improvements offered to these specific topics in TA2024!